Saturday, March 29, 2014

Degas in blue.

Dear readers, yesterday I took a trip to NYC! It was fun nice and very sight worthy but my favorite part was going to the  Capezio dance store. Each customer was greeted with a warm hello from the staff and they were very helpful, one of the most absolute best parts of the Capezio store is the large variety of things they have to offer. They have many leotards, skirts and legwarmers. But while my dear mom and sister were busy scoping the leotards I was very much interested looking at the different types of t-shirts they had and I happened to find a graphic shirt with a Degas painting. The painting was of just one dancer, in my eyes it seemed like she was dancing a solo in the spotlight. I liked that the shirt stayed true to the painting but had its own touch a dark blue watercolor effect.

I have always been a very big fan of Degas, his paintings of ballet dancers dates back as far as 1870 and are still much loved by many people, I always wonder what drew Degas to paint so many ballet dancers. Perhaps he was interested in the art form and how it looked in his paintings. The dancers would often be painted in a behind the scene aspect. They were stretching at the barre, chatting, or fixing their costumes. In fact they fidgeted with their costumes ALOT! Which all of us dancers do.

Even through this might be aside from the subject there was another thing that I liked about going to Capezio, I saw Gillian Murphy in person also shopping at the store. I know that professionals are people too, but seeing her made my inner fan girl yell with delight. She looked like she could start whipping out fouette turns right there in the middle of the store!

Below are some pictures of my favorite Degas paintings, oh and the bottom picture is the painting on my shirt :)



Saturday, February 8, 2014

Let the Games Begin


Dear readers,

Yesterday I, like many others across the globe, tuned in to watch the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Olympic Games. I'm always interested in how each country chooses to display itself. For Sochi, Russia showed us its great rich history. The theme was about a series of dreams with showed Russia throughout the years. While I enjoyed the jaw dropping special effects and cheering for team USA (which by the way had the cutest uniforms), my favorite part of the opening ceremony was the ballet, yup they had ballet!

I always hope and wish that there is some sort of form of dance in the Opening Ceremony and I'm happy to say that yesterday had it! As part of their history segments the ceremony showed us a romantic ballroom scene from the Russian novel "War and Peace" with the amazing Svetlana Zakharova, Danila Korsuntsev and Ivan Vasiliev. Svetlana showed her famously long gorgeous lines which seemed to never end. However she wouldn't have been as lovely without her amazing partner Danila. But what really drew gasps was Ivan Vasiliev and his spectacular leaps.

Later Diana Vishneva entered the stage wearing what can only be described as a electric blue flower costume and danced a piece called "Dove of Peace" with other dancers dressed the same. The dance was very much different then the "Ballroom scene." It was more of a neoclassical piece while the "Ballroom scene" was much more classical. As the lights shined on the dancers  I have to say this piece reminded me of a abstract painting with different patterns and shapes that oddly fit together!

I am so happy that ballet is getting more attention from this Opening Ceremony. The only thing that really bothered me was how the camera kept on zooming out during the dances (seriously?). But it was really wonderful that Russia showed us its art as well as its history.

Let the games begin!



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tis the season

Sorry this post is so short. I will try to lengthen them up a lot more after the holidays!

Hi readers,

My Nutcracker performances came to a close a few weeks ago and I've been missing it ever since. Battles were fought, a mouse king was killed and a trip to the land of sweets was booked. We pulled it off and i have to admit did a pretty good job. But of course, there were some rocky moments.  For the first time ever I fell onstage smack on my face! I was upset of course but realized that the show must go on and that its the getting up that matters. I did get up and I'm proud of my performances! In the end, that's all that counts!

So now that the busy Nutcracker season is over I've been spending my time on typical (but wonderful) holiday activities such as trimming the tree, wrapping gifts, and spending time with family. There's something truly magical about the holidays and I hope you all are enjoying it!

Here's to the Holidays!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Here's my Book review on Bunheads by Sophie Flack

Dear readers, I apologize that I have been absent for most of the summer but as school starts back up, so will I!

Bunheads is about 19 year old Hannah, a professional ballet dancer that performs in the fictional Manhattan Ballet company as one of the many corps de ballet dancers. During the year in which this book takes place she struggles, trying to break away from the corps and be promoted. But everything changes one day when she meets Jacob, a college student who shows her life outside the company and ballet in general. Soon she starts to question everything and wonders whether the dance world is right for her.

Someone once told me that just because you love dance does not mean you will love the dance world which is what this book really shows. It also shows that the ballet world is not as pretty as it seems. The book shows a lot of Hannah's struggles as a dancer and a person. I enjoyed that the book showed all of the company's seasons and the ballets Hannah and her fellow company members performed in each one. This book also has what I like to call ballet humor, jokes that totally make sense to any ballet dancer!

When it came to Hannah's friends I just didn't understand Zoe. It didn't really seem as if she was supportive of Hannah at all as a friend. And I really didn't get why Hannah would be friends with someone SO high maintenance. I also had mixed feelings about Jacob as a character. I kind of felt like Jacob was put in just to make Hannah question everything about herself throughout the book. He didn't really have any backstory or story at all for that matter.

Overall the book was very well written and I really enjoyed each page. Sophie Flack really has a knack for combining the ballet world and the outside world together to make a fantastic book appropriate for almost any age. I really recommend getting your own version of this wonderful book!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Professionals dancers in class.

Dear readers, most people know that seeing professional dancers in class is totally different then in a performance. In my opinion its even more amazing to see them in class! So today I want to show you four videos of professional dancers in class. I hope you enjoy them like I did :)

1: Tamara Rojo, Paloma Herrera, Viengsay Valdes, and David Hallberg all in one class. WAY to much talent in one room! and Tamara's turns are AMAZING!!!

2: Isabelle Ciaravola Etoile of the Paris Opera ballet. The way she uses her feet is outstanding! I also love the way she uses her upper body.

3: Svetlana Zakharova , she makes every movement look so easy .
she is truly fantastic.

4: Here is the Royal ballet, this is one of their videos for Royal ballet live a video series that was filmed a year ago.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Three cheers for spring!

           *Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush*                                                             
                                          Doug Larson

After a long (and very cold) winter, spring is finally here! I'm so happy to be able wait to soak in all of spring's wonderful things to come. Outside looks like a fairytale with flowers blooming from every spot. Its amazing how rare breathtaking things can be seem from your window!  Spring also means my end of the year ballet school recital is near. After getting my costume it seems even closer, and I just got done buying my recital make up (I will keep readers posted on the recital) . Also ,this Saturday is Nutcracker auditions (we do them very early) so I'm nervous about that too! This year I'm not sure what I will get cast in. Below are some pictures I took from outside . It's always fun to see what's outdoors!   Farewell till my next post :)

The flowers look amazing with the light!


I love the color !

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Poems and Pointework

I took an intermediate adult class today. Its always interesting to take classes with adults. Since I was coming back from spring break my dancing was a bit shaky but felt progressively better throughout the class. When we were doing pirouettes across the room some of the adults didn't really know the steps, but kept trying and went for it anyway. I learned that they didn't care if they messed up and were able to laugh at their own mistakes . This taught me a lesson that you can't always worry about getting everything right all the time.

After class ended I put on my pointe shoes for my private pointe lesson. I was dancing very tense and rigid so my teacher had an idea. She wants me to remember a poem and to recite it while doing the exercise. I picked the poem Tiger by William Blake. Its gonna be hard to remember but I can't wait! I really like this poem because it is different and has a hint of mystery. That is what I would love to feel like when I dance.

Tomorrow my class is going to be practicing our recital dance. The music is from Don Quixote.  The dance has a nice feel to it and I love that it is less delicate then our pass dances. It has more.......spunk.